Luther Memorial Church's

Sunday School Program

This core educational program for preschool through Senior High takes place from

September through May from 9:10 -10am. Volunteer teachers and the pastors lead classes

that instruct participants about God, God’s Word and how to live as followers of Christ.

Milestone classes occur for all pre-k through 5th grade youth throughout the school year.

3 Year Old – 5th Grade: learn Bible Stories and Faith Practices with fun games, crafts, story time, and much more! These students also spend time learning interactive songs to share with the congregation.

6th – 8th Grade: learn Bible stories and faith practices through fellowship, fun, and service.

High School (Luther League): participate in lively discussions, book studies, film clips and other innovative lessons with FOOD!

Sunday School Lessons

During this uncertain times we know that not everyone is able to join us for Sunday School.

Until that day comes that we can once again enjoy in-person Sunday School Lessons we offer

this alternative way to learn together.

We aim to upload a weekly lesson from Lacy or another Sunday School teach on our YouTube Channel and our Facebook pages

(Luther Memorial - Syracuse  and  Luther Memorial Church Sunday School).

We welcome you to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.