What does this mean?

  • Reaching out and engaging our community with God's Love
  • Using our time and talents through a variety of projects to share the news of God's Love and Grace

How do we do this?

  • Through Evangelism as we sow his seeds in our community
  • Through our Lay Ministry as we seek soil that needs to be sown




Reaching out calls us into our community to love and care for our neighbor.

We strive to create, organize, and update events that allow our congregation to connect with our surrounding community. From Community Block parties, Synod Youth Mission Trips, Serving at a People City Mission, or Singing Carols, each of our ministry areas engages in activities that allow them to do just this. Our youth ministries take time to connect with our nursing homes through caring conversations, singing, and caring projects. When stand behind our members and surrounding community when illness, grief, or joy encounters their lives. We also take time to plan, lead, and implement mission trips and helping with outreach projects. 

LMC Church Directory

We have created a digital directory via Instant Church Directory.

We will also have hard copy versions available by request at the Church Office.

You can either download the Instant Church Directory App through your preferred App Store

or follow the link below to the Instant Church Directory webpage.

Directions for web page access:

Click the Instant Church Directory LINK

This will take you to the Members Login page.

First Time Users will need to create a Login with the email address listed in the directory.

If you don't know your email address or need to supply one, please contact the Church Office.

Login to the webpage using your provided email and your unique password.


App users:

Click the provided link to take you to the Google Store to download app for your phone.

Instant Church Directory App LINK

Once you have the App downloaded follow similar steps to get started.


Recipes for the Soul

Timeless Creations

Over the years the members of Luther Memorial have worked together to create cookbooks to share their favorite recipes. As we look back we can see how special some of these recipes really are. Even though some of these special people have passed on, their creations remain. We know some of these books have become a popular staple in many homes around our area and getting harder to find we have decided to share some of them with you. We hope you will find something enjoyable here as well.

1984 Sampler Cookbook 2nd Edition (yellow cover)

2004 Timeless Creations